We are a dynamic consulting company with extensive experience in various areas along the IT and payment processing chain – such as network development and infrastrucering, online payment, risk and invoice management right down to payment project management.

Your success is our mission. We will develop the optimal payment process strategy and supporting you throughout concept planning and execution.

Targeting the optimal settings of your required processes is what drives us, and secures a sustained steady growth path of your business. Our modular system is expandable to adapt to any changes in your business environment. So if you need to grow, we will grow with you. Let us empower you with the right custom tools.

We also offer a wide range of hardware development/suppliers and cash register system integration, which all comply with current and future EU regulations. No matter your type of business, such as hotels, restaurants or mass catering and retail, PX-IT will suggest to you the right methods and infrastructure.

We have worldwide partnerships with IT and payment partners and operate a wide network of service providers to ensure your business growth.

– Payment systems and processing online and offline
– optimisation of existing business processes
– network acquirers
– payment ecosystem from concept to execution
- IT hardware and software solutions